Global Market Tech

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Sales & Business Development


o Technical Sales Engineering

o Opportunities in hydraulic storage containers for wind turbines & solar farms (WiPoD)

o Authoring Business Plans

o Served on Business Development forecasting councils

o Two-way portable low-cost radio sales / rentals. 

o Order management and interface with international customers

o Business innovations development 

o Sunroof / Roof modularity program opportunities.

o Celebratory Event Planning

o Vehicular rear camera cleanser

o Sleep Apnea mask optimization



o Radio Frequency consulting

o Designed, developed, and launched high volume Remote Keyless Entry/Immobilizer receivers/transmitters

o Developed Radio-frequency circuits for two-way portable radio communication products

o Web site development

o Patent History Link 



o Small business backend office 

o Resources

o Logistics

o Program Engineering budgets

o System development / integration of vehicular body modules

o Training for installation of Immobilizers at European Homologation centers

o Electronic diagnostic tool utilization using GM DPS and Intrepid Vehicle Spy tool 

o Slide-tilt sunroof commercial and program management

o Social media